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STAR - SEREN - Eau de Parfum - 7.5ml

STAR - SEREN - Eau de Parfum - 7.5ml


Inspired by the unparalleled beauty of the Welsh night sky, STAR – SEREN embodies the essence of serenity, mystery, and the boundless wonders of the cosmos. This innovative creation is the fourth fragrance in the series inspired by the incomparable landscapes of Wales.


Top Note: Yuzu and Cedrat STAR- SEREN opens with a burst of Yuzu and Cedrat, which perfectly captures the sparkling starlight dancing across the night sky. These zesty and invigorating notes set the stage for a truly unique olfactory journey.


Heart: Jasmine, Green Tea Absolute, Magnolia, and Waterlily The heart of STAR – SEREN showcases an exquisite blend of Jasmine, Green Tea Absolute, Magnolia, and Waterlily. These delicate and sophisticated notes mirror the tranquil beauty of the Welsh Dark Skies Reserves, enveloping you in a sense of calm and serenity.


Base: Sandalwood, and Ambrette Seed The fragrance gracefully settles into its base notes of Sandalwood, Tonka, and Ambrette Seed, offering a warm and sensual embrace reminiscent of the earth beneath the endless expanse of starlit heavens.


Wales Perfumery's dedication to the art of perfumery shines through in STAR – SEREN, creating a scent that not only stimulates the senses but also evokes a profound emotional connection to the Welsh landscape.


INGREDIENTS - Alcohol (denat), Parfum, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol.

  • We do not accept Fragrance returns for hygiene reasons unless the product is faulty and we will replace within 7 working days. 

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